Your LegalHQ’s Fees

Don’t want to write a blank cheque for lawyers fees?

Then consider our alternative billing arrangements.

One of the biggest fears that people have about using lawyers is that worry that they’re just writing a blank cheque for fees as soon as they walk in the door.

Your LegalHQ strives to make cost arrangements which are based
on fixed pricing wherever we can.

Your LegalHQ can charge a fixed fee for any work you need done.  The quoted fee will either be paid up front or via a series of monthly instalments depending on the nature of the engagement.

This works particularly well for document preparation engagements, for the provision of written legal advice and for longer term engagements with a defined end point such as business mergers or acquisitions.

Provided the scope of the engagement doesn’t change, then the price will not change.

If you do change the scope of the engagement, then we will send a variation notice setting out the new scope and the varied price for that change.

Hybrid Fee Arrangements

We are able to fix fees for a part of the work, and then charge an hourly rate for other parts.

This often works well where documents are being drafted but there is to be negotiation with another party who is to sign the document after all is agreed.

The first draft can be charged on a fixed fee, so you know your precise cost, with only the negotiation time charged on hourly rates.

Hourly rates with Your LegalHQ

We can and do still charge hourly rates for work done where that suits both parties.

Our engagement agreements specify all of our hourly rates and we can always issue itemized bills so you know exactly what time was spent doing what on your matter.

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