When you come-up with a brilliant idea, it’s natural to be ecstatic and excited about it that you just want to blurt out all your concepts to your family and friends.  It’s natural to want to tell them your ingenious idea.  They may even be able to give you some advice and most likely give you their full support. But remember this:

Once an idea is out, you can’t get it back. Generally, the law says that if you disclose an invention to others, even if they are friends and family, your ability to get a patent may be seriously compromised.

Naturally, putting it on Youtube is absolutely out.  Someone will steal your idea – it’s that simple.

Also, always keep your notes, no matter what you have invented or designed or come up with.  Even if you have not registered it, evidence of your idea, how you developed it and your diagrams and sketches go a long way toward proving that it was your idea and not someone else’s.  It helps you prove ownership.  And with a million dollar brainwave, that’s what it’s all about.

Always get a non-disclosure agreement before talking to any potential business partners.  Your LegalHQ will jump at the chance to write one for you and before you ask – all your ideas are 100% confidential and privileged when you talk to us.

Protect your genius with Your LegalHQ.  Get excited about it with us and you won’t lose any of your rights!