Tax is an ever-present issue in the modern business world and Australia has one of the most complicated tax codes in the world. Making business decisions ignorance of the relevant tax laws is a good way of getting in the bad books of the Australian Tax Office.

For the most part, tax law is usually seen as the province of your accountant. However, accountants are primarily responsible for preparing your annual tax return and taking care of your regular compliance obligations. Not every accountant specialises in providing tax advice on the numerous grey areas in our tax code which are not part of the routine tax reporting process.

Your LegalHQ is one of the few tax law practices in Perth. We regularly provide researched tax opinions on discrete transactions including the small business capital gains tax concessions. Our role is to navigate the grey areas in the tax code and advise you and your accountant on what will need to be reported in your tax return. In more contentious scenarios, this may include applying for a Private Binding Ruling with the ATO so that you certainty about the tax implications.